TeamBoard IWB

Interactive learning–made easy

The interactive whiteboard is easy does it with a robust construction, reliable finger-touch interactivity, a guaranteed-to-clean surface, and an integrated Action Bar that needs no special pens or parts! TeamBoard is a global leader in the interactive whiteboard market. Inspired by teachers, students, professionals and facility experts, TeamBoard’s interactive whiteboards are designed to accelerate learning by increasing engagement, improving retention and fostering an enthusiasm for learning. TeamBoard has been designed with today’s classroom in mind. It provides the power of interactivity to learning–made easy.

Function meets simplicity

TeamBoard RT models are the most user-friendly interactive whiteboards. You do not have to worry about losing any proprietary gadgets, pens or tools. All features are controlled with the touch of a finger. The low-glare Versa Surface™ is perfectly suited or projection. The image can be viewed from any angle and seat in the room. The matte-white surface ensures that there will be no visible hot spots or glare–even without dimming the lights. TeamBoard’s award winning Versa presentation surface is a unique dry-erase writing and projection surface. The Versa Surface is guaranteed-to-clean; even permanent marker, if used by mistake, is easy to erase.

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