March 30, 2011

AV Signage

There is so much information to be conveyed for the many different components of our day-to-day lives at work or school that sometimes a photocopy, an email or an announcement over PA systems is just not enough. Digital Signage can help get your message across.

The Blackboard was replaced by the interactive whiteboard when technology proved it could do more than two things at once and communicate more effectively and now the way you communicate with clients, staff or students needs to make that change also.

A display that incorporates eye-catching moving images, video, TV, scrolling text and highlighted messages placed in your reception area, where parents mingle to collect their children, staff rooms and canteens can help maintain your schools message on upcoming events, fundraising endeavors or maintain school branding.

From Primary Schools through to Higher Education establishments Digital Signage needs to compete with all the other technology-iPods, Twitter, text messages and the barrage of other messages hitting teenagers every minute, schools need to use vibrant technology to enhance the learning experience and engage students. This is where digital signage comes in.

With the education sector increasingly introducing technology into many components of day to day school life digital signage allows the means of presenting this information in many varied ways and can include video, Flash animation, moving text, alternating images, RSS feeds (news feeds) and even live TV.

Multiple screen locations, perhaps in different buildings can be accessed and controlled from a remote central point by multiple users ensuring staff and students receive the most up to date information. Timetables can change and sometimes the message over the PA doesn’t break through the chatter of a few hundred kids in one location, this information can be conveyed immediately. You could e-mail this information but dynamic message boards, updated in real-time, help reach students or staff who aren’t near a computer.
Community: With a digital signage system, important information can be displayed instantly or scheduled to appear at certain times where existing bulletin boards may have information, sometimes be out of date or not noticed at all. Your digital signage network instantly informs students and parents of upcoming sporting events, student achievements, class timetables, photos of school events and out of school activities.

We have chosen the best digital signage solutions so even non-technical users can update information quickly and easily. This will encourage staff to change or customize content on a regular basis. Content is king; and fresh content is essential in maximizing the value of your message and this is easily changed either using the built in templates or create your own content “on the fly” and can be easily done from a web page in a few minutes. Scheduling of your message or content can be controlled for any hour in any day and could be loaded weeks, months or even years prior for display at peak times.

We spend a lot of time in schools to meet with staff to carry out training sessions or to discuss product possibilities and find a range of “interesting” displays either running a low resolution PowerPoint with a few photos of school events or switched off-Is this really the best way to communicate with your staff and parents?

If it is that simple why not do it yourself? There are several reasons:

It can become a project for an already overstretched IT dept
The time cost will be greater than result
Just doing Powerpoint is not good enough
The quality will be lower
There will be a single point of data entry by an expert versus distributed for all to access.

Please contact one of our representatives to help setup your ultimate solution.


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